Mle! You have to see it to believe it!


October 12, 2010

Needles- we acquired some more footage of the Imperial Motor Inn before filming the River Road Resort. Today we enter the Mohave Desert, a 180 mile drive from Needles to Barstow. We are all gasses up and ready to go.

Goffs- his is the first "Ghost Town" we visited. Like most of the Ghost towns we encountered this one was all fenced in, except this one is being restored as a Macro-Museum. The gates were closed and we could not get in. The General store was not fenced in and we were able to get a closer look.

Essex- this town is west of Goffs and most of the abandoned buildings are not fenced in. The June Wellington Wayside cafe and another ruin across the street were open to walk around. We found a mural on a ruin that is about to crumble. Graffiti takes the form of "Rock Graffiti" along the embankment of the road. This Graffiti is on the north embankment and stretched for many miles, an example is this Route 66 rock display pictured here.

Cadiz Summit- This is not a town, it is the first rest area for Route 66. It looks out over the desert planes to the mountains very far away. All that remains is the plaque and the cement footings that supported the benches abs tables that once existed. Off in the very far distance you can see the trains, thanks to the 30X zoom capabilities of the camera, we captured the passing of two trains. Further south is the ruins of a service station that serves as the only solid surfaced for graffiti artists to practice their craft.

Chambless- This Ghost town is completely fenced in so we could not explore beyond the fence. Across the street is a plaque that discribes the significance of the site.

Amboy- the town sits outside the Amboy Crater. This Ghost town has ruins both fenced in and open for exploring. It also has Roy's Motel and Cafe that is being restored. Some people live in this town as seen by the existence of the church. The crater is open for closer inspection and a hiking trail to the top. Beware of Rattle Snakes, Scorpions, and very hungry insects.

Ludlow- the town is half alive and half in decay. To my surprise there was an active Motel where we would have booked had we known that it existed, and an eatery as well.

Newberry Springs- We passed this old motel sign outside of town, but the buildings were replaced with a gigantic 'No Trespassing' sign. People around these parts just love to fence things in and keep the world out..."mine, mine, mine" said daffy Duck in the cave of gold. The difference in these parts is that they fence in piles of rotting garbage and pretend it is gold, go figure.


The first thing you see is this active RV Park with an caboose is its centerpiece.


The Bagdad cafe is an iconic road stop forgotten by most Americans but is kept alive by Tourists traveling the old road. Inside you can find a museum like atmosphere of old road artifacts. It sits alone among decaying ruins neatly fenced in.

Daggett-  We were expecting to see another Ghost Town, and entering the town from the east this is what you see, but as you continue west the the town comes to life with active new business and old business like the Desert Market. This is the last town before entering Barstow where we will sleep and film tomorrow. Barstow is the first thriving town when emerging from the desert.


We stayed at the Ramada Inn


Breakfast: Cereal, Coffee

Lunch: Turkey sandwich

Dinner: Turkey sandwich, chips, wine

Copyright 2006, Vincent Cricchio


Mle! You have to see it to believe it!


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