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 Our website is devoted to our Upcoming video production, a twenty-eight episode series all about Historic Route 66.

We will travel the entire length in a convertible like they did in the old TV series.

The show will revisit the historic landmarks that have survived the test of time as well as old and abandoned sites

We will visit interesting hotels and motels that dot the route as well as the newer restaurants and diners that are popular and those that are unknown.

Watch as we explore the eight states and the many miles of original Route 66.

We are very interested in establishments and attractions that still exist on the segments of the original Route 66.

We will also go off the beaten trail and visit attractions along the way. Places like the Grand Canyon , Meteor Crater, and other side trips.

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We could not stop and film every location, so....

How can your business be featured in this new Historic Route 66 program?

Route 66 begins in Chicago, Illinois and ends in Santa Monica, California. Route 66 goes through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

It is too late to schedule your attraction as a shoot location, but you can still participate by providing High resolution pictures, High Definition Video and audio with the history of your attraction. This is how:

We will consider using every submission in the show.

These are the formats for the pictures or video clips of your attraction.

Submit high resolution stills in these formats: BMP, JPE, JPEG, PNG, TIF, or TIFF. (Wide screen include RLE, DIB, JPG, GIF, DMSP, PSPD, or P2P) or paper prints.

Submit movies in these formats: Wide screen include M2S, MPEG2, MP2, MP4, M2T, TP, TRP, DVR-MS, TIVO, AVCHD OR DIXX. Transfer old movies to a digital format, we can not be responsible for original copies of movies on film.

Submit high quality audio in a wma, mpg or wave format

You also have to include a talent release agreement for every person in the video or picture, and you must include a media release agreement listing every photo, movie and audio submission. All content without a release cannot be used.

Press Releases

Poems from the people on Route 66

Art from the people on Route 66

Animals of Route 66

66 facts about Route 66

teaser preview clips

FYI- Video production Terms:

 A transition is the effect between Stills and Movie clips. It can be a simple fade of one of many other choices. Transitions are free when you use one type transition theme throughout the production. 

A special effect has many forms. A color change, house of mirrors, static, frames and dozens of other choices are available. 

A movie effect is the panning of a still to give the illusion of a still as being a movie clip. 

A text effect is one that can identify the picture. It can fly in or fade in and out of the still or movie clip. 

An overlay effect is a mask layer over the image. (drawings, photos, etc.) 

Music: To comply with Copyright laws, we must purchase every song that is used in a production. Alternatively, we can make our own music to use in a production!

Scrolling text is a text effect that can span across multiple stills and movie clips and can be any length. The scroll can be side to side or up and down. 

Vincent Video will often convert old photographs and video into the correct format, then use that content in a production. We edit together video footage, music, effects and transitions into an interesting storyline.

When you put it all together you spice up your production like this---> Vincent Video

FAQ from interested participants!

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Mêlée! You have to see it to believe it!



Wilmington, IL- The Chamber of Commerce found a couple who would like "Elvis" to perform their wedding ceremony on historic Route 66 in Wilmington, IL.

See singing about Route 66 in Guatemala

See the band Duchess Di' and the Distractions sing "get your kicks on Route 66"

See Patsy Starks sing the St. Clair (and Route 66 song) called "St. Clair Boy"


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